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Vektron S10
Vektron S10
Vektron S10
Vektron S10
Vektron S10
Vektron S10

Vektron S10

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All bike purchases will be processed for collection at your closest (or favourite) Tern Dealer - see store availability above

- Colour: Forest
- Bosch Performance Line motor for up to 300% assistance and 65 Nm of torque
- Updated frame with a reclining battery for a lower centre of gravity and stiffer ride
- Frame passed strict European safety standards for pedal-assist e-bikes, having been certified as EN15194-compliant by EFBE Prüftechnik
- Integrated Atlas V Rack, integrated 8 point mounting - max load weight of 27kg works seamlessly with Thule Yepp Maxi and Dash RM child seats
- Resizes in seconds to fit riders 147 – 195cm and be shared by the family
- Fits easily on buses, subways and taxis for electric multi-modal commuting

- Colour(s): Forest
- Folding Dimensions: 40 x 86 x 68cm
- Weight: 22.1kg
- Load Capacity: 125kg
- Volume Capacity: n/a
- Compatible Bikes: n/a
- Compatible Items: Check Compatibility
- Frame Material: Aluminium


Tern makes pedal-assist eBikes that are equipped with a Bosch motor. The Bosch motors on Tern eBikes are a mid-drive motor design that amplifies your pedalling power and offers several different levels of assistance.

All Tern eBikes sold in Australia have a maximum power output of 250 watts and have the pedal-assistance capped to a speed of 25km/hr. This allows all Tern eBikes to be operated safely and legally on Australian bike lanes, roads, and even footpaths if you're with kids.

Tern eBikes comes equipped with either a 400Wh or 500Wh Bosch Powerpack battery. Tern GSD models can be fitted with dual-battery setups.

Using a single, fully charged 400Wh battery, your Tern eBike should travel between 40 and 110kms, depending on how heavily you rely on the pedal assist and how much load you carry. Tips to increase your eBike range include:

  • Upgrade to a larger Bosch Powerpack or setup your GSD with dual-battery capacity
  • Ensure you always carry loads within the max. gross vehicle weight (MGVW) for your eBike
  • Keep your eBike tyres pumped up and your drivetrain well serviced

All bike purchases made through this store will be processed for collection at your local (or favourite) Tern Dealer.

Just like a new car that you wouldn't want arriving at your home for assembly, Tern eBikes are functional vehicles that should be built and checked by professionals. Your local Tern Dealer is the best place to get started safely with your new eBike.

If you live in an area outside our Tern Dealer network, or you cannot easily get into a store, please contact us at and we'll help you out.

Your eBike needs tune-ups by an Authorised Tern Dealer and we recommend following your Dealer’s maintenance recommendations. If you’re not sure when to take in your bike in for service, here are tips:

  • Approx. 200km or one month after purchase - minor service check to assess the wearing in period
  • Every 1,000km or six months afterwards - regular service checks
  • When your service indicator is showing - your Dealer can set service intervals to show on your Bosch display based on your specific riding conditions

When in doubt, contact your Dealer!