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Bosch PowerPack 400 (System 2)
Bosch PowerPack 400 (System 2)

Bosch PowerPack 400 (System 2)

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The versatile power sources: PowerPacks from Bosch are visibly mounted on the eBike frame or luggage rack. Charging is very simple with both variants: For charging with a Bosch charger, the PowerPacks can be removed easily, or charged directly on the bike itself. The high-quality, long-life frame or rack batteries have a high energy density combined with compact size and light weight.

- Bosch PowerPack 400Wh, frame mount
- Bosch eBike System 2 (BES2)
- Certified to UL 2849 safety standard
- Capacity of 400Wh, 36V, 11.1Ah
- Standard charger offers 50% charge in approx. 2.5 hours, 100% charge in approx. 3.5 hours
- DualBattery compatible and can be charged mounted in the bike or externally

- Colour(s): Black
- Dimensions: 325 x 92 x 90mm
- Weight: 2.5kg
- Load Capacity: n/a
- Volume Capacity: n/a
- Compatible Bikes: All electric bikes
- Compatible Items: Bosch 500W PowerPack